Dear Greek Festival Volunteer,

The Festival Committee is working to make our 40th Buffalo Greekfest the best yet, and we need your help. The Festival dates and times are:

Friday June 2nd 10am to Midnight
Saturday June 3rd 10am to Midnight
Sunday June 4th  11:30am to 9pm

We are signing up volunteers for many areas of the Festival and are hoping that you can help us out. We couldn’t do this without you, and every bit you do helps – there are over 400 shifts to fill. We are recruiting volunteers for the following areas on Festival weekend:

  • Plaka (food area) – Needs over 170 shifts
  • Ticket Booths – Needs over 80 shifts
  • Bake Shop – Needs over 50 shifts
  • Admissions – Needs over 25 shifts
  • shops (wine store, T-shirts, etc.) – Needs over 40 shifts
  • Other areas – if we aren’t handling an area, we can put you in touch with the chair.

Please look at the form below and let us know whether you can work this year, where you would prefer to work, and what days and times you will be available.

Name(s) :
E-mail (if we don't have it):

When can you work?

Tell us how many hours and when you would be available

Examples: Friday June 2nd, I can work any 4 hours between 11 am - 9 pm, but prefer 11am-3pm.
Saturday June 3rd, I can work 4 or 8 hours between 11 am and 12 midnight.

Day How many hours can you work? Between what hours? Notes (preferences, special time limits)
Friday June 2nd
Saturday June 3rd
Sunday June 4th

Where are you willing to work?

Check on the box below for each area you would be willing to work in. Additional columns are available to enter names of friends or relatives.

Plaka - Food Court
Ticket Selling
Bakery: Packing and Selling
Tee shirts
Gift Shop
Bakaliko – Greek grocery store
Kitchen Help
Cooking Demonstrations - Spanakopita, Baklava
Writing English names in Greek
Workers Tent
Anywhere at all

Anything else we ought to know?

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