Pride In Our Festival

It all began 40 years ago...

A vision and foresight was born to have a Festival which would portray to the Buffalo Community our heritage, and to give everyone the opportunity to be acquainted with our Orthodox Christian Faith, Greek culture, food and entertainment. After countless hours of meetings and much planning, the first Greek Heritage Festival was held in 1977.

As the Festival grew over the years, so did our needs. From having one 40 foot truck parked where the tents now stand, we now have walk-in coolers and freezers on the premises. With love and affection, we remember the countless hours we’ve spent multiplying recipe measurements and insuring that the food tasted like Mom’s own home cooking svenska casino, no matter how large the crowds! There were many hands that came on Saturdays to help out with the other volunteers who also diligently volunteered on weekdays to insure all was prepared.

Our neighbors help by offering their parking lots and items that make running our Festival easier. We salute all our friends for years of unending support. Thank you and may God Bless each and every one of you!

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Volunteers Needed!
Posted:11-Mar-18 18:32
Festival only works because of the hundreds of volunteers who give their time. Please click here to volunteer.....